Building Permit Expediters Help Get the Permits Your Project Needs

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Construction is one of the largest industries in the United States and no construction project gets completed without the proper permits. Getting these permits can be confusing, tedious and time consuming. Busy architects, contractors, developers and homeowners don’t always have the time or the know-how to get the required permits as quickly as they need them. This is where the services of a permit expediter from The Permitter can come in handy. Whether your project is in residential or commercial construction, having someone knowledgeable in the complex world of building permits in your corner can keep your project on track.

What is a Permit Expediter?

Simply put, a permit expediter gets building permits. A building permit is required to ensure proper processes are observed throughout construction and obtaining a permit can be quite complex. Problems associated with permit issuance can cause unnecessary delays to your construction schedule, but our building permit expediters work behind-the-scenes to help you get all the necessary permits to start your project on time.

Because we work solely on permitting projects, we have a unique perspective in what it takes to smoothly and successfully navigate the entire process. We facilitate the permit process between you and the City that issues permits. We understand local building codes and permitting requirements, so we can advise you on how to get your building project approved quicker. We’re trained and experienced in the permitting process to ensure architectural drawings, blueprints and other materials contain all the required information by local permitting agencies.

Our diverse team has experience in a variety of construction areas within new construction, remodeling, expansions and more. We’ll advise you every step of the way on complex problems dealing with zoning and building code interpretation and help you get your documents in order, so they’re accepted without delay.

How Expediters Keep You On Track

Time is one of the most important aspects of any construction job. If you want your construction project delivered on schedule, we can help make this a reality. We’ll help you avoid late delivery on your projects due to permit issues that put you behind. Because we’re dedicated to overseeing the entire permit process, you’ll never worry about anything not getting done on time.

Our permit expediters keep your project on track by keeping appointments to pick up permits, tracking updates that can’t be tracked online or over the phone and taking part in variance, zoning hearings and architectural reviews. We complete every step from filling out the forms appropriately to fulfilling all the required processes and procedures. Plus, we keep you updated throughout the permit acquisition process, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. This allows you to concentrate on the important core aspects of running your business and spend less time worrying about when and how to obtain permits.

Benefits of Hiring Permit Expediters

Besides the frustration you’ll avoid from trying to get your own permits, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a permit expediter is the ability to get your permits in a much shorter time frame. We know when applications should be submitted and what information is required on these applications. We continuously stay on top of any changes in current rules and regulations and understand what these changes can mean in regards to your permit. Best of all, we know the process so well, you’ll have your permits quicker, hassle-free.

Permit processes and procedures can vary from one industry to another and building and zoning codes are constantly changing. We act as consultants for building code reviews and examine your plans prior to submittal to ensure they’re in compliance with the latest codes. We ensure all the official forms and checklists are signed by the appropriate people and delivered on time. We can also research your property for any existing permits or open violations that might interfere with construction.

We stay on top of your permit application from the time it’s submitted until its approval comes through and keep you updated on the latest developments. Overall, our experts at The Permitter help make the entire process of obtaining your building permits a lot less tedious.