What is a Building Expediter?

Building Expediter

For years, only commercial developers seemed to know the trick of hiring a consultant that would then work with City Hall on their behalf in order to keep their projects on schedule.  Fortunately, we have found a way to streamline this service to assist anyone who is seeking a permit for a variety of reasons.  Our consultants are known as building permit expediters and it is their job to know the ins and outs of the building permit process of the city they work in.  This includes maintaining a working knowledge of local building codes, understanding the architectural side of projects, and being familiar with the details of engineering.  Hiring a building expediter amounts to hiring someone who has made it their profession to handle the complicated details of building projects for you, taking the time consuming and sometimes overwhelming aspects of permit approval off of your plate.  This service can include offering advice on what you, your architect and your engineer will need to ensure that your project is approved as quickly as possible. Our building expediters can meet with city officials and plan examiners on your behalf to discuss possible revisions to your blueprints and report back to you with the necessary information you’ll need to keep the process moving ahead smoothly.  This can even include attending variance and zoning hearings on your behalf.

To put it more simply, by hiring a building expediter you are hiring someone who basically has inside information on the way your city expects projects to be proposed and carried out on an official level.  The experience gained by a building expediter who does their job well will be invaluable to any commercial or residential developer who is unfamiliar with these guidelines and restrictions, or who may just be starting out and lack the contacts needed to get the right answers to specific questions they may have about their project.  Believe it or not, getting the small details right at the beginning of the permit process can sometimes save you weeks or even months of delay.  A good building expediter should be able to catch those tiny mistakes before you submit anything official.

Building permit expediters are also a more cost efficient way to gain an understanding of the permits, processes, forms and fees that you will need to complete any job you are undertaking.  They can be hired by owners, architects or engineers as experienced consultants who have a thorough understanding of things like city zoning laws and building codes, and can also prepare any required documentation that will need to be submitted in meticulous detail, ensuring that it will be accepting on first submittal, saving you the cost of going through a trial and error process that can sometimes occur when it’s unclear what details you might have missed.

Our company has been structured to assist you on several levels of the permit process, all with our professional team.  Our services include handling permit research, renewals, extension and expediting to keep your projects on schedule.  We can also handle the plan review and processing aspect of your project, help you with the many types of inspections that might be required, and ensure that you’ll have what you need to obtain the licenses you hope to be issued.  We are here to facilitate a good working relationship between you and the city staff that will approve each step of your project.  Our professional team can attend public hearings on your behalf, make sure you seek the right entitlements for your property, and help you understand the results of any site investigation reports so that you will have a complete understanding of what the requirements for your project will be.  We hope you’ll contact us today to request a quote or receive a free permit analysis.  We are happy to answer any questions you have about what we do and what we can do for you.