Why do I Need to Hire a Permit Expediter for Construction and Development Projects?

Getting a permit can be fairly straightforward when it comes to simple projects. However, much more comes into play when it comes to obtaining permits for larger development and construction projects. With this being said, we're going to cover why you should hire a permit expediter for your large scale development and construction projects.

What Is A Permit Expediter?

A permit expediter is the individual who facilitates city staff and helps them understand the dynamics of the construction by explaining:

  • How the staff interprets their local zoning and building codes.

  • How the architects can work on the development/construction project.

Certain situations require the permit expediter to work on behalf of the owner's architect. When this happens, the permit expediter represents the cost savings (for the owner) and lowers the architect's overhead costs. To put this into perspective, instead of hiring an expensive Code Consultant or Land Use Planner, a permit expediter can be hired to augment a permanent staff and the costs can be given to the client (as opposed to the overhead).

As for hiring a permit expediter, they generally charge by the project or by the hour. They used to be known as "paper-pushers" before the housing market took a nosedive, but today they're known as multi-disciplined professionals who do much more than paperwork. Many permit expediters have real estate development certifications and understand how to interpret building and zoning codes. Today, they're usually hired by owners, architects, and engineers to assist with complex problems regarding zoning codes, attaining more square footage within a parcel, and how to get documents accepted for the first time. Having documents accepted the first time is a major perk, as having requests rejected and having to re-submit them ultimately halts production/projected goals.

In certain aspects, permit expediters are much like lawyers: they have a computer like memory of the city's codes, they can negotiate for you with high-end officials, and can bill by the hour or by the project. To get the most out of a permit expediter for your project, hire them early so they can assist the architect and resolve any possible design issues that could delay the project.

Why Do I Need A Permit Expediter?

If you plan on carrying out a large scale project, you should absolutely consider hiring a permit expediter to save a few headaches during production. As permit expediters generally work with numerous projects located in numerous cities, it means that they can provide an "inside scope" when it comes to rationalizing the cost of the project and provide a ballpark price for the construction. In addition to this perk, permit expediters have familiarity with the area and local businesses which lead to construction and building permits being obtained in a very timely manner.

Why do I Need to Hire a Permit Expediter for Construction and Development Projects?

Considering the information above, hiring a permit expediter is necessary to carry out a large scale development or construction project with little to no issues. Since they utilize every moment of their time on a project, it will ultimately lead to less headaches (and less stress) when tackling a large scale project.