How Long Does it take to get a Permit Expedited in Miami?

On April 1, a national news outlet ran a joke story about a new reality show that was supposedly going to be starting soon.  The new show was supposed to be reality show about getting permits and the hassles involved in the process.  The problem is, April Fool joke or not, to many people listening into the broadcast, the thesis for the new show seemed both viable, and frankly interesting.  Many of us have gone through the nightmare of getting permits; the lines stood in, the frustration, and feeling of ignorance.

In many people’s minds, getting a permit is the raw definition of bureaucracy.  Even if things work exactly right, getting the right permit done at the right time is a stressful endeavor and one many people begin with a sense of stress and dread.  Fortunately, there is “The Permitter”, a company that will ensure you get your permit when you need it without any stress.  Getting permits is a road we go down every Miami, and the Miami-Dade and Tri-County area.

What industries might want to take advantage of “The Permitter”?

  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels
  • Specialty retail including liquor
  • Energy

Permit processes can vary depending on the industry you’re in, and it can also vary depending on the municipality where your business is.  When you’re planning a project, no matter what kind of industry you’re working, and no matter where it will be located, invite us in on the ground floor.  We will work with you to ensure that you will have the permits that you need every step of the way.  By allowing us to help you with permits, you can make plans so you won’t have men sitting on the sideline with nothing to do while you wait for the next permit to clear.

What if You’ve Started and Had Trouble with Permits?

If you’re already involved in a project and you’ve had problems with permits, don’t wait any longer to bring us and our expertise into the process.  We have experience helping people when they have allowed permits to expire.  We have worked with administration in all of the municipalities in the Miami-Dade area, so we know who to speak with to get straight answers. 

You can also count on us communicating with you regularly so we’ll know when we need to renew a permit.  We can guarantee that we won’t let a permit expire if parts of the process are taking longer than planned.  Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Fire and building certifications
  • 40 year inspections
  • Overtime inspections
  • Violation remediation
  • Permit extensions
  • Inspection management
  • Change of contractor paperwork
  • Business and occupational license
  • Permit research
  • Liquor licensing, and of course
  • Permit expediting

Permit Expediting

One of the focuses of our business is to expedite the time it takes to get permits.  It is frustrating to have funding and workers in place and ready to get to work, but permits are holding things up.  At “The Permitter”, we have made the connections, and we understand the bureaucracy involved in getting permits expedited.  If you have already started the process of getting a project underway, but you didn’t know permits would take as long as they will, contact us.  We have a great process to help you out of your problem.  We have experience in the Miami-Dade County area in getting permits expedited, so you can get your people to work and see your project completed. 

Each kind of permit is handled a little differently, and each specific municipality works differently, but come to us and we can help you determine how long it will take you to get to work.  The sooner you can get started, the sooner you can be open and ready for business.

Use “The Permitter” and take advantage of our experience and knowledge to help determine questions or concerns about environmental factors about a site, as well as help with the due diligence report.  We know which reports are most likely to hold your progress up, so we work especially hard to answer those questions.

Talk to us and see how we can help you move forward with your project; no matter where in the Miami-Dade area and no matter what industry you’re working in.