The Permitter will assist your business in the process of obtaining all necessary permits to start your commercial construction project. We will endeavour to work with you to avoid and overcome any unforeseen circumstances. Our professional commercial expeditors will provide you with all necessary updates in order to fast-track your permit the approval process so that we do not waste anytime getting your project approved. We have delivered approvals on time to all of our clients, including architects, contractors, and developers.

These approvals include:

  • Shopping mall building permits
  • Arena building permits
  • Hotel building permits
  • Restaurant building permits
  • Parking lot building permits
  • Tenant buildout building permits
  • Privacy wall building permits
  • Commercial pool building permits


The Permitter offers residential expediting services ranging from new construction, additions,  to swimming pool projects. Whether you have a large or small project at hand, our residential permit expeditors can handle anything in a fast and timely manner. By applying our expertise and know-how to your project for permit approval we will endeavour to complete on time to save you money. We consider our service as an investment so that you do not waste any time in the application process. Rest assured that at The Permitter we work to expedite your residential project faster, and smoother than any other permit service. Our residential building permits include;

  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Remodels
  • Swimming Pools
  • Dock installation
  • Varriances

We have delivered approvals on time to all of our residential clients, including their architects, and contractors. Call The Permitter today so we can help you deliver your project On Target, On Time.



    We provide permit expediting services to remove the hassle and frustration dealing with cities, counties, and government officials, by leveraging our network of contacts and relationships to get your permit approval completed without any worry. 

    The Permitter has developed these contacts and relationships with officials throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County for all project types. Our permit expeditors will work closely with you to develop a strategy that works with your needs. Our permit approval strategy will meet your needs and requirements on target and on time. We have established a wealth of knowledge and information in many cities and counties that we will utilize when necessary to make sure your permit application is easy to pass through for approval. Our permit expeditors can handle any project from new construction to remodels. We look forward to working with you to get you your permit approved.