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Permit Document


  •  Expired Permits Closure  
  •  Permitting Administration  
  •  Permit Renewals
  •  Violation Remediation
  •  Plan Review & Processing
  •  40 Year Inspections
  •  Overtime Inspections
  •  Fire & Building Certifications
  •  Contractor's Background Check
  •  Permit & Violation Search
  •  Special Event Permits
Permit Process


  •   TCO, TCC'S & CO, CC'S
  •   Permit Extension
  •   Inspection Management
  •   Expediting Hourly Services
  •   Preconstruction Consulting
  •   Special Inspections
  •   Change of Contractor
  •   Business & Occupational License
  •   Original Plans & Record Search
  •   Zoning Hearings & Variances
  •   Recording Services
Permit Typing
  • Permit Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Investigation Reports
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Entitlement Services
  • Permit Expediting

Public Hearings 

Public Hearings can be nerve racking and a difficult, time consuming process where professionals are just eager for their plans or project to be approved. The Permitter has a team of professionals that understand the processes behind public hearings for your neighbourhood and the zoning codes related with those neighbourhoods. The Permitter will represent your interests and do everything possible to help get your approval.


Entitlements can be a game changer for any property. At The Permitter we help you make sure you get the maximum potential use. Every jurisdiction in Miami-Dade County and Tri-County areas have specific uses for land, and The Permitter can help you attain the right entitlements for you need to enjoy the full benefits the property has to offer.  Through thorough investigation and due diligence work, we will be present at meetings with the zoning administrator and City staff that are involved with your project. We target the rights that you needs by utilizing our network and relationships, including our wealth of knowledge to get your approvals on time. 

Site Investigation

At The Permitter we utilize our knowledge base to help answer any environmental, site, and due diligence report. We target those reports to understand the requisite information for your project so that the permit application is as smooth as possible and on time. Having all the necessary information for you project prior to applying for permits and entitlements makes a world of difference. We then analyze and record all the information in a digestible way to give you the full perspective of your project's requirements.   

Permit Expediting

The core practice of The Permitter is our ability to expedite permits. With many years in experience throughout Miami-Dade County and Tri-County areas we will help you push through projects in the most challenging municipalities. We have a great platform to offer you all the information you need so we can expedite and act as fast as possible to get the permit you need, on time. The Permitter will handhold you throughout the whole permit process so we can help you open and start quickly without any worries.