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Permit Industries served include:

Discovering what your business and permit needs are

Permit processes can vary from industry to industry. The jurisdiction or municipality where your business is or will be located, will affect your occupancy load.  Consider that a restaurant may have the same occupancy load as a retail store, so your requirements may differ from what was originally expected. That is why you will require the services of an expediting company like The Permitter, so we can do the necessary due diligence and determine the fees, time frames and the number of sets you will need to complete and file for a permit.


Expediting the permit approval process

When we submit your permit we will stay on top of the application to make sure the necessary approvals come through for each City discipline and keep you up to date with the latest information. 

                                                              City of Miami Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit applications in the City of Miami can be time consuming and difficult when processing through the different disciplines. At The Permitter we will complete the application for you and expedite the Special Events Permit so you can focus on other items that matter for your event. The Special Events Permit requires four steps;

  1. Complete a City of Miami indemnity agreement.
  2. Applying for a Special Events Permit.
  3. Completing any City Services Permit Applications.  
  4. Submitting General Liability Insurance Certificate. 

As soon as we complete the Special Events Permit for your event, The Permitter will contact the Special Events Office to check and confirm location availability on the event date. Once we have confirmed availability, we will submit your application and other applications as needed. The Special Events office requires all event organizers to submit proof of insurance and must be verified by the City of Miami. Once your event has been vetted and processed by the City of Miami, The Permitter will meet with City officials during the City's Special Events Board Meeting to discuss the event in further detail. This Special Events Meeting typically take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month. You can view the City of Miami's calendar here. The Special Events Office will will coordinate all logistics, city services and fees. If approved, a Special Events Permit will be issued for your event. Without a Special Events Permit the event will be prohibited. The Permitter will meet with City officials and the event coordinator to conduct a walkthrough before and after the event to ensure all requirements are met. 


The City of Miami have advised the following:

*NOTE*: Depending on the nature and scope of your event, City of Miami services must be hired to ensure a safe and successful event. Staffing will be determined by City Administration and may include Police, Fire Rescue, Solid Waste, Parks and others. Event Organizers will also need to display a route map/site plan for the event. If using street closures, a maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan is required to be displayed to City Staff. This document is provided by a barricade company of your choice.

Applications for all events held in Coconut Grove & Little Havana Special Events District should be submitted at least 120 days prior to the date of the event. Coconut Grove BID applicants are also required to attend a Coconut Grove Festival Committee Meeting. Please visit the Coconut Grove website for more information.

Certain activities must be approved by the City Commission. Advanced planning is essential to ensure that you obtain all necessary permits and approvals.